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5 Best Nature Video Designs That Will Captivate You With the Planet’s Beauty

Mein Kurzvideo Nature & Wildlife 2023 wurde von der Plattform DesignRush aus Miami als eines der 5 besten Nature Video Designs ausgezeichnet. 😁 😎 

Rudi Zisterer created one of the best video designs with nature in its focus to recollect the wonderous life on our planet, labeled Nature & Wildlife 2023.

The project intertwines animals and mesmerizing landscapes using clean transitions that complement or softly contrast the previous one, making up for a hypnotic slideshow experience.

There are lots of close-ups depicting diverse wildlife in their natural habitats, from a lion roaring proudly to a caterpillar slowly making its way on a leaf and a bee rushing to a ripe flower.

The scenery depicted includes a wide array of nature’s treasures, from a golden desert and mountains covered in fog to waves crashing down the shore, providing continual amazement for the viewers.

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